Monday, October 3, 2016


Mythic - Fight Sequence - Personal Project - (Action/Drama)
Hob the Fire Goblin runs into a serious problem after fighting with his friend, Apollo.
Fight sequence, cut from the end of a 10 min. episode.
You can watch the full version here.

Demonia - "Soda" - Personal Project - (Comedy)
An animatic for a TV show idea. Made in two weeks. 
This is a good example of my rough work.

Firefighter - Personal Project - (Action/Drama)
Sequence from a TV show idea I'm developing.

Blood Red Monster - Teaser Animatic - (Action/Drama)
Animatic teaser trailer for my passion project (and webcomic), Blood Red Monster.

Home-made comics. 
These are pages from my web-comic, Blood Red Monster.
You can read more pages here, or on my tumblr.

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